Frosty Morning View

Frosty Morning View
Fall Camping-Eagle Lake, California

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Sun

I've been doing some research on sun protective clothes for camping, that has an UV coating.

I guess. I've had a hard time finding a site that explains "HOW" UV coated fabric is made.

Some of the of the info I can find, say's that just wearing a tight weaved dark colored clothing, will almost work as good as the UV coated clothing.

Who out there wears UV protective clothing?

Since we live in Nevada, I take some precautions when I'm gonna be outside for more than an hour or so.  A large brimmed hat, sunblock or longsleeved shirt completes the whole ensemble.

A few years ago, my hubby and myself re-shingled our roof (took us a week, a very long week). Between the hat and sunblock, not once did I get sunburned. And, this was in the last week of June.

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