Frosty Morning View

Frosty Morning View
Fall Camping-Eagle Lake, California

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tough week on the home front....

It's been a tough week around here.

 Actually, it's been a tough few months.

Brigitte-Rest in Peace my friend.
One of my best friends has been fighting the good fight against cancer for the past 6 years. Thursday morning she lost the battle.

 I know Brigitte is at rest now, and am trying to keep focused on the day to day things that always seem to doing.

 I think I'm also going to plan a camping trip. Maybe getting away from home for even a week-end will help clear the head and start healing the heart.

 I know it's awful early in the spring, but we haven't had much winter this year, and even if it rains, so what!!

We have that pretty little Arctic Fox we can hole up in and pass the day drinking hot toddies and reading a good book.

Since I took the time last fall to clean the 5th wheel, all I have to do is restock the perishables and figure out what to cook while camping.

 I always like to try something different when out camping.

Since we try to eat healthy at home, we kinda treat ourselves when camping. But, I also like to stick to simple and easy meals for camping.

Since we are going to be camping in the trailer, maybe a roasted chicken with roasted potato's. Or a nice pot of chili, with some cornbread.

Hmmmm. .... choices,choices....

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  1. i am so sorry. i hope your heart will begin healing in time...