Frosty Morning View

Frosty Morning View
Fall Camping-Eagle Lake, California

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cooking with kids

So, my question is- who all out there is teaching, has taught or will be teaching their kids how to cook? We started teaching our kids how to cook (and clean the kitchen) as soon as they could stand on a stool and reach the counter. All my kids knew how to fix several easy kid recipes, for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I never really thought too much about this, until my kids started growing up and hanging out with other kids. Than I found out, not all parents teach their kids how to cook.

Why is that?

When my oldest son got married, his wife was flabbergasted that HE knew how to cook!! They even called me so I could talk to  her and tell her that YES, my sons and daughter all know how to cook.

 In today's enviroment, it's so important that ALL kids know how to cook basic, healthy meals. They should even be taught how to "economize" on their meals. I know,I know.... not many people recognize or even know the meaning of the word. More's the pity!!

Here's an easy kid recipe for breakfast-

Try it out- see if you like it??

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  1. a really good point you've made here. i wasn't taught to cook early on, but one of my earliest chores (along with my sisters) was making desserts (baking). i never really took to the kitchen, even tho i CAN cook. luckily my husband was trained well to cook and clean (and enjoys it!) so i am free to mow the yard and tend to horses and dogs, etc. when he's around.