Frosty Morning View

Frosty Morning View
Fall Camping-Eagle Lake, California

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dreaming of a Fox

No,no, no!!! 

Not that kind of fox. He is kinda cute tho.............

What I'm talking about is a  pretty little Arctic Fox slide in camper. Hubby and I have been looking at them on the computer. Researching for my "other"blog,  Family Camping Memories.

 I'm not sure at this time that we really need a pickup camper for trucks.

Our pretty little Fox!!!

We actually own a Arctic Fox 5th wheel that I absolutely adore.

We also have an older travel trailer we use when mucking about in the far back country and don't want to drag the 5th wheel out.

And......we also have all our tenting gear.
So,do we need another camper??????
The interior of the Arctic Fox camper.

But it's just so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. But it's just so pretty!!!! LOL We think alike. We used to camp alot, but built a log cabin and sold it....regrets, regrets! Love the lil Fox!

  2. I know. Some women collect purses or jewelery. I cruise the internet for new camping gear or r.v's!! Just wish my budget would extend that far. Our goal is to one day load the 5th wheel up and be campground hosts for a few years.
    Get back to the woods.
    Jerry and I grew up in Eastern Oregon, in the pines and firs. We've been living in this Nevada desert for over 20 years, and we both are missing the green of the trees, and the shade,the smell, the sound of the wind thru the trees. oh my
    I'm really making myself homesick now.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!!