Frosty Morning View

Frosty Morning View
Fall Camping-Eagle Lake, California

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cats and cupcakes

Our lovely daughter, Amber, moved back in (again) last fall.

With her suitcases full of shoes, boxes full of Starbuck's mugs, expanded library of  DVD's, two litter boxes and 3 cats, she settled in.

Now, since she works, I get to ride herd on this kitty rodeo.Oh, did I mention we have two cats. For those who haven't had their morning quota of coffee yet, that is 5 cats co-habituating with 3 adults.

You can bet my days aren't boring. It's like taking care of kids. They have their quarrels, happy days, bad days and now, we have one that's being medicated.

It's been nice having Amber back home for awhile. When your kids start becoming adults, it's a whole different playing field. We go out and have adult fun now.
Several years ago, a bunch of us gals here in town started a "lady's night only craft and bullshit session". We meet once a month a different house and just have some fun.

About a month ago, we had fun decorating cupcakes.
We made bears, flowers, and flamingo's, just to name a few.
These were so much fun, they'd make some easy and quick recipes for kids to do.

If anyone wants to see how to make these fun cupcakes, here's the link


  1. crafts and bs. throw in a few drinks and you've got a great party!

  2. Sounds like fun to me. Sign me up. Love all of the kitties!

  3. Hot Spiked Cocoa in winter, Coolers in summer, and crafty BSers, makes for my kind of fun. That pie cupcake is so darned cute...and easy enough that even I could do that. Who'da thunk!
    As for the kittycats, I really miss mine. Too many allergies in the family makes it impossible anymore.