Frosty Morning View

Frosty Morning View
Fall Camping-Eagle Lake, California

Monday, July 4, 2011

R.V. Towing

I'll admit it right out loud.

 I can't back up a trailer of ANY kind!!
I've towed trailers in the past. If my hubby gets it all hitched up, I can get in and drive. VERY CAREFULLY!!!! Of course, I'm just a nervous wreck by the time I get to where I was headed. But, I congratulate myself on the fact I made it, in one piece.

I'm not sure about towing our pretty little Arctic Fox 5th wheel. I will help hubby hitch it up, I can stand there and wave forward, backwards and stop!!!

But, gotta be totally honest here. My hubby has been driving trucks for over 20 years. I think he just lets me stand there and look pretty, cause I'm sure he doesn't need my help to hook up the 5th wheel. At this point  I'm positive he can do it  with both eyes shut!!!

That's not to say he doesn't make use of some handy little gadgets to help make his job easier.

He has mounted a level on the front of the 5th wheel to make leveling a little bit easier. Locking leveling blocks also makes the process so much easier.

There are a lot of little gadgets out there designed to make hitching up and towing an R.V. easier and safer.

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