Frosty Morning View

Frosty Morning View
Fall Camping-Eagle Lake, California

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Craft ideas for kids.......

As a mom, I've done my stint as Brownee Leader, Cub scout leader, and teacher's aid.

I've also done child care in my home for several years while my kids were little.

Anyone that spends any amount of time with kids, will learn to create a list of crafts. You want to be sure to keep your list of crafts simple and easy (don't want to be paying a lot of cash out for these crafts). 

Over the years we have made, wooden rally cars(for Cub Scouts), braided bracelets, bird houses, clay puppets, gingerbread houses, cut out and painted wooden hearts, made key shaped key holders out of wood, foam picture frames, rock necklace's, pine cone decorations for trees, pine cone bird feeders, soda bottle bird feeders, etc..... some of these I still have. Some of course have disappeared over the years. 
Turkey treat holder

I would also keep a small tote of craft supplies in our camping gear. Most craft ideas for kids can also be craft ideas for camp.... The beautiful thing about camping, you are surrounded by so many items to use in your crafts.  Rocks, pine and fir cones, twigs, small flowers, sand, pine needles.....just to mention a few.

 Don't forget to introduce your kids to a camera and the art that they can create from that. It can be so easy to forget about crafts and just plop the kids in front of a computer or t.v. 

But spending some time with your kids, creating different craft projects can be so much fun, and educational for the kids. 

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