Frosty Morning View

Frosty Morning View
Fall Camping-Eagle Lake, California

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Are your vehicles ready for summer camping?

Tow hitches can be a ball on the bumper well of a pick-up, or a bolt on receiver hitch. You can get receiver hitches and weight distribution systems for small cars to.
this is a BIG no no!!

No matter what the size of vehicle you have, if you've got a trailer that puts excessive bumper weight on your vehicle it would be a safe decision to get a weight distribution system for your vehicle.

Make sure the hitch and weight distribution system is hooked up properly.
check your tires!

Always check your air pressure on the tires. Every time I stop for gas I check my tires and put my hand on the side wall to see if they are getting to hot. I can't even begin to remember how many times I seen RV'rs on the road side with blown tires.

A good idea is to make sure to have all the proper tools to change out a tire if need be. It could save a road call service charge.

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